First finishes of the year

Hello my lovelies thank you for dropping by. I do hope you are happy and well 🙂 As you have probably noticed from the side bar to your left, I have actually crocheted my own little avatar/icon/logo. I am quite pleased with it and I hope you are too 😉 I won’t bother uploading another picture since you can see it quite well where it is!

I have also got around to taking photos of the lovely cosy blanket I crocheted for our bed. This really was the first finish of the year, and what a spectacular start for 2013!

Cosy bed blanket - the first finish of 2013
Cosy bed blanket – the first finish of 2013

Want a few statistics on this? Okay then, here we go: This blanket was made in four panels, one of which consisted of four smaller panels. I have used five colours of DK-weight acrylic yarn, a total of 10,256 metres over two months, working on it solidly every day (and no other projects) since Christmas Day. That works out at approximately 35 balls of yarn, or 3.5 kilos. Phew! It is enormously to large for our bed, which is what makes it so very cosy!

That’s it for today!


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