I’m on a roll

Indeed I am, with three finishes in one week! I hope I keep up the pace with the new WIP!

I finished the Popcorn Flower cushion for the family friend I was telling you about:

Popcorn Flower Cushion - complete with edging!

Popcorn Flower Cushion – complete with edging!

I decided on a simple shell border so as not to detract from the main cushion. I think she’ll love it!

Then I finished the Blooming Flower Cushion this afternoon:

Rainbow Blooming Flower Cushion

Rainbow Blooming Flower Cushion

I am so pleased with the way this turned out! I made my own round cushion pad for this and it holds it shape SO much better than the square pad I bought and sewed the corners in on. My advice? Make the pad yourself and don’t try to cut corners! It is actually big enough to use as a floor cushion, if we had the floor space in our living room, and is a bit bigger than the first one I made because I didn’t follow the photo-tutorial/pattern quite so rigidly (I increased on nearly every straight round ending with a whopping 390 stitches!).

As soon as I had finished that I started on a Sweet Dreams Sachet and finished it so quickly that I felt a little lost!

Sweet Dreams Sachet

Sweet Dreams Sachet

What is a “Sweet Dreams Sachet”? I’ll tell you! As my darling hubby suffers from terrible nightmares, I have been researching what one can do to induce good dreams. To be frank, the choices aren’t overwhelming, but I did stumble upon an article in one of my favourite magazines, Handmade Living about dream pillows filled with aromatic herbs and spices. Rather than splashing out on lots of different herbs etc I decided to put a few drops of essential oil on his pillow at night when I went to bed, so that when he came to bed a few hours later the scent would not be overpowering. We trialled a few combinations and decided that Lavender and Marjoram is the best one. So I followed the instructions in the magazine and put quantities of the two in a jar and put it away for a while to allow the scents to blend. I then promptly forgot about it until he had a particularly nasty nightmare the other night when I resolved that I would make this for him. I have simply crocheted two discs about 8cm in diameter, joined them, filled with the concoction of herbs and closed it before sewing in the ends. The lavender and marjoram are safely enclosed in a tight double crochet case and ready to be slipped into his pillowcase to (hopefully!) encourage sweet dreams, hence the name!

We picked up the lavender at Neal’s Yard Remedies and a little jar of marjoram in Tesco, but I hope to be able to grow our own lavender and to dry it myself for use in future projects.


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