Excitement for a new technique

Hello and Happy Monday to you all! I am so very excited about today’s post – I do hope you will be able to share in my joy!

So, why am I so excited? Well, I’ll start at the beginning. Sometime last month (I forget exactly when – my memory seems to merge events now), my darling husband bought me a book: Crochet Masterclass by Jean LeinHauser. In case you’re not familiar with this book, it is a wonderful exploration of different crochet techniques. For some time now I have wanted to try out some alternate techniques to broaden my horizons, but as I have been so incredibly busy making birthday and Christmas presents for other people and trying to find time to make throws and cushions for us, I just don’t seem to have found the time.

This year, though, I have let everyone know that, unless through some miracle space-time manipulation I manage to complete all the projects planned for the house very quickly indeed, I will not be making Christmas presents this year. Or birthday presents for that matter! In stead, I am going to spend this year (and maybe next year) finishing the projects I have procrastinated over for far too long, and also working my way through Crochet Masterclass to teach myself new crochet techniques.

The book covers such techniques as hairpin lace, Bruges lace, Irish crochet, overlay crochet and double-ended crochet. (Can you see where this is leading?) I went into my local “string shop” (which not only sells yarns, hooks and needles, but also tapestry yarn, crochet thread and stranded cotton etc for embroidery and also sewing machines, fabrics and plenty of haberdashery) to see about a hairpin lace loom and double-ended crochet hooks, neither of which they are able to get hold of because their head office dictates which suppliers they may use, none of whom actually supply these items. Frustrated, I returned to DH and asked him ever-so-nicely if we could order these items online. They weren’t very expensive and he agreed. Yesterday, my set of double-ended crochet hooks arrived in their own little case:

Double-ended crochet hooks

Double-ended crochet hooks

As we had to go grocery shopping yesterday, I went into my “Favourite String Shop” and purchased some cotton suitable for using with double-ended hooks:

DMC Natura Just Cotton

DMC Natura Just Cotton

I have a little surprise in store for the pink and green, so I won’t go into those choices, but I fully intend to make a hot pad using the blues and the aforementioned double-ended hooks. I can’t wait to get started!


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