WIP Wednesday

WIPWednesdayHave you got your WIPs ready?

It has been a rather productive week here at CrochetAngel500 Castle – with three completions and two new starts! Let’s have a look at the granny blanket for Big Miss and see how far we’ve got with that

Granny blanket for Big Miss

Granny blanket for Big Miss

Well okay, so not much done on this one this week, but that’s because I only work on it in the evening while we’re watching Twin Peaks and Mr Cat has decided he would prefer me to tickle his tummy rather than crochet…See this project on Ravelry

I am very excited about the next project, as I have been threatening to start it for so long that I have actually forgotten when I decided I was going to make it!

Sea Foam Throw

Sea Foam Throw – rainbow colours but not rainbow formation

I’m using a sea foam stitch pattern which will go right across the sofa seat and arms and so is 505 stitches wide. I got the stitch pattern from 200 Crochet Flowers Embellishments and Trims by Claire Crompton and used the random stripe generator over at Biscuits and Jam. I generated one hundred stripes and will keep repeat the stripes (if necessary) until the throw is long enough to overhang the sofa at the front. This will not be covering the back of the sofa, as I have another project planned for that in neutral tones. See this project on Ravelry

The last project is kind of a practice, so please forgive the random tension:

Double-ended crochet pot holder - side A

Double-ended crochet pot holder – side A

Double-ended crochet pot holder - side B

Double-ended crochet pot holder – side B

I started practising with the double-ended crochet hooks only to find that they were not the right hooks. They were different sizes on each end and had a large flat bit in the middle (thumb rest I assume) that the stitches wouldn’t easily pass over. We have arranged to return them and I have ordered some proper hooks (4, 5 and 6mm). Until they arrive, this is all I have. I think rather than turning it into a pot holder I will just keep it as a small stitch sampler in my scrapbook. Which means that I still need to make the pot holders….



2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. LOVE the random strip one. Sea Foam….somehow I think I used a similar pattern long ago, but in blues…had forgotten how much I liked the look.

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