Thursday Thoughts for Inspiration

Thursday Thoughts for InspirationFirst, a little introduction. I hope for this to be a regular weekly post, although some weeks I may not be able to post. This is simply a collection of the things that I have found inspiring since the last Thursday Thoughts for Inspiration post, to include books, magazines, websites and blogs. Wherever possible I will include a link to the specific post rather than the whole site/blog and a link to the relevant website for the subscription to the magazine or to purchase the book on Amazon. I will also wherever possible include a link to the Ravelry review. I may or may not include photos from other people’s blogs, and when I do I will credit them for the photo and link back to the post where I found it. I will also try to write a little bit about why I have included a link here, but sometimes words are not necessary.

Some weeks I may leave out the blogs and websites and only feature the magazines and books that have inspired me, as a kind of review I suppose. These will only be short reviews, and full reviews will have their own individual posts.

I would be grateful if you could click on over to the websites and blogs mentioned here and if appropriate leave a comment for them. Thank you.

Now, on with the show….

Inspiring Books

Cute & Easy Crochet by Nicki TrenchCute & Easy Crochet by Nicki Trench – Ravelry Amazon Nicki’s blog

I fell in love with the Springtime Throw when I saw it featured in two of my favourite magazines, and then I saw more of the projects from the book featured on some of the blogs I follow, so I just had to get the book for myself! It really is full of cute projects that are easy to follow, such as the Babushka dolls, granny square bag and items for the home and wardrobe. I can’t wait to get my hook into them!

Inspiring Magazines

Simply Crochet 02Simply Crochet issue 02 – Website

There are so many wonderful patterns in this magazine that I hardly know where to begin. Well, obviously with the one that I am making a start on; Nicki Trench’s bed throw! Aside from that, there is a choice of kitchen accessories, pretty wrist warmers, a poncho and an adorable rabbit!

Don’t take my word for it; click on over to The Little Room of Rachell to read her assessment of the magazine, which I could never top in a million years!

Inspirational blogs and websites

Click on the images to visit the sites they are from and to read more about them.

20130214-01-BabybelPeopleLindy shared this wonderful photo on her blog, Crafted by Lindy

20130214-02-LooseEndsKathryn over at Crochet Concupiscence shared some thoughts on crochet projects reflecting life situations. Click on over and read her whole post

20130214-03-EpbotPinkCatNecklaceI’m in love with Jen’s pink cat necklace on EPBOT. Cogs are turning…..

20130214-04-BabyloveBrandGeometricLaceBlanketI love this Geometric Lace blanket from BabyLove Brand

One Sheepish Girl - MacaronsOne Sheepish Girl made her first batch of Macarons – they look delicious!

20130214-06-Moogly10FreeCatLoverPatternsClick on over to Moogly for the cat lovers’ crochet pattern round-up

Spoonful of Sugar - Heart PotholderI love this heart pot holder from A Spoonful of Sugar

A[mi]dorable crochet - Tink patternI love this free Tink pattern from A[mi]dorable Crochet!

By Hook By Hand - SherlockedI love this crocheted Sherlock from By Hook By Hand – what a fantastic look-alike!

I do hope you enjoyed this week’s round-up and that you have left comments on the featured blogs (let them know how you found them!). I will bid you adieu until next time!


I love to hear what you have to say, so please do leave a comment!

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