WIP Wednesday

WIPWednesdayHave you got your WIPs ready?

I can hardly believe it’s Wednesday again already! What a busy week it has been! I’m afraid I have only been working on one project this week; the cosy bed throw! I started it last Wednesday evening and haven’t stopped!

I followed the pattern for the first square, but DH and I decided it wasn’t really for us, so we have decided to do three rounds of contrast colours and a fourth with the main colour. I have also decided to increase the number of squares to 576 (making it 24 x 24 squares) and have worked out that it will probably measure somewhere in the region of 2.5m squared. I expect you’ll be wanting a photo of my progress, won’t you?!

Cosy Bed Throw

Cosy Bed Throw

I am approaching the half-way mark with the first three rounds on the squares and will be using Sarah London’s join-as-you-go method with the fourth round.

That’s it for this week but I hope to return with more progress next week! (Maybe I’ll even try to work on something else as well!)

I am linking up with Tami’s Amis and Crochet Addic UK again this week – click on their logos to visit their sites and see what they’re up to:



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