WIP Wednesday

WIPWednesdayHas it really been a week already? Doesn’t time fly?! Have you got your WIPs ready?

Another week, more squares, and only more squares I’m afraid. I know I said I would try to work on something else as well this week, but I have been caught up in the Cosy Bed Throw. However, I do have some slightly more interesting photos to share…

Cosy Bed Throw

Nicki Trench’s original square

This was the first square I made for the blanket, following Nicki Trench’s pattern in Cute & Easy Crochet (see this post for the relevant links). As I said last week, hubby and I weren’t exactly thrilled with it, despite liking the blanket as a whole. So I worked on it a little and this is my revised square:

Cosy Bed Throw

My Square

As you can see, it is a little larger than Nicki’s. I decided to do three rounds in three contrast colours and then a fourth round in the main colour, with which I will be joining the squares together, as described last week. How about a proper size comparison?

Cosy Bed Throw

Cosy Bed Throw: square comparison

My square is approximately double the size of Nicki’s.

So, without repeating a colour within a square, there are one hundred and twenty colour combinations. I have made four of each colour combination plus a further ninety-six squares. Since starting this blanket two weeks ago today, I have worked the first two rounds on all five hundred and seventy-six squares and the third round on four hundred and eighty-one, and just have the third round to work on the last ninety-five. To say I have been industrious would be an understatement. Have I mentioned that crochet helps me to relieve stress? Well, as you can tell from the amount of crochet I have done in the last two weeks, I have been more than a little stressed recently! But I won’t go into that here.

Cosy Bed Throw - 480 squaresuares

Cosy Bed Throw – 480 squares

And here they are. I took them out of the bag for the photo last week, but I haven’t done so this week because I don’t want to lose a square in the process. Want a better look?

Cosy Bed Throw - 480 squares

Cosy Bed Throw – 480 squares

Aren’t they beautiful? I can’t wait to get started on the fourth round and joining them!

Do comment below with a link to your WIPs – I’d love to see what everyone else is up to!

I am linking up with Tami’s Amis and Crochet Addict UK again this week – click on their logos to visit their sites and see what they’re up to:



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