Thursday Thoughts for Inspiration

Thursday Thoughts for InspirationFirst, a little introduction. I hope for this to be a regular weekly post, although some weeks I may not be able to post. This is simply a collection of the things that I have found inspiring since the last Thursday Thoughts for Inspiration post, to include books, magazines, websites and blogs. Wherever possible I will include a link to the specific post rather than the whole site/blog and a link to the relevant website for the subscription to the magazine or to purchase the book on Amazon. I will also wherever possible include a link to the Ravelry review. I may or may not include photos from other people’s blogs, and when I do I will credit them for the photo and link back to the post where I found it. I will also try to write a little bit about why I have included a link here, but sometimes words are not necessary.

I would be grateful if you could click on over to the websites and blogs mentioned here and if appropriate leave a comment for them. Thank you.

I will warn you now: this is a very long post…

Now, on with the show….

Inspiring Books

So Pretty CrochetSo Pretty Crochet by Amy Palanjian – Ravelry, Amazon

This book is a collection of patterns categorised by designer. Although Amy Palanjian has not contributed a pattern to the book herself, she has written a great deal within the book about the designers and basic crochet techniques. This would be a great book for someone who is new to crochet, but there is enough variation to keep a seasoned crochet addict such as myself busy for a while. I have already made the Mary Jane slippers by Brandy Velten and found the pattern to be clear and concise. There is also scope to be inspired by this book and continue to do more with the patterns.

Learn to do Bavarian Crochet by Jenny KingLearn to do Bavarian Crochet by Jenny King – Ravelry, Amazon

I had not heard of Bavarian crochet until my husband bought me this book as a surprise. Although it is a rather slim book with only forty-seven pages, there is much to inspire. I especially like the Lavender Fields blanket pictured on the front cover (pattern on page 24) but am equally intrigued by the Little bit of Lovely shrug on page 18. The book shows how this particular style of crochet works well in the round as well as in rows and gives just enough to inspire further use of the stitch. This book would be ideal for an intermediate or advanced crocheter looking to expand their skills within the craft.

Tunisian Crochet by Sharone Hernes SilvermanTunisian Crochet by Sharon Hernes Silverman – Ravelry, Amazon

This was another surprise gift from my husband. My Mum gave me a book on Tunisian lace stitches for my birthday last year, but I haven’t ever tried regular Tunisian crochet, so this was perhaps a little advanced for me. With this in mind, hubby bought me this book which shows the basic and more advanced stitches involved with Tunisian crochet. It isn’t just about looking like knitting, though, and I really can’t wait to finish the Sea Foam Throw so I can start to learn some of the stitches in this book and begin the Honeycomb Skirt on page 36 and the  beautiful top pictured on the front cover. Of course, as soon as I have made a couple of items from this book I will have to pick up the book Mum gave me for my birthday and make her a shawl or something!

Inspiring Magazines

Homemade with Love issue 1Homemade With Love issue 1 – website, blog, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter

This magazine inspires me on so many levels that I am having difficult finding the right words! The magazine is divided into sections, such as colour, texture, taste etc and includes projects for many different crafts. The items that inspired me the most in this issue include the crocheted Spring daffodils, Ethel Owl, chilli chocolate cupcakes, the round cushion, the article on artist trading cards and the piece about printing your own textile art. While this issue is no longer available in the shops, you may still be able to order the back-issue from their website. Incidentally, their website and Pinterest pages are good to keep an eye on!

Handmade Living issue 22Handmade Living issue 22 – website, Facebook, blog, Twitter

Those of you who know me will already know of my love affair with this magazine, but for those of you who aren’t already aware, let me say this: I absolutely LOVE this magazine. It really is one of my all-time favourite publications.

Right then, with that aside, there is much to inspire in issue 22. I love Chloe Owens’ tea cosy (and really must get her book at some point) and can’t wait to get started on the Roxy Loves Robbo crocheted bunnies on page 78, not to mention the”beautiful laundry” on page 83. I’m afraid this issue isn’t in the shops any more, but I am sure you should be able to back-order it from their website.

Making issue 32Making magazine issue 32 – website, blog, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter

There is so very much to inspire in this issue that I hardly know where to begin! From sea urchin candlesticks and a window patchwork cushion to a crochet spring garland and a treasure box made out of lolly pop sticks (in the supplement), plus an article on Kate Jenkins! Head on over to their website to see if you can back-order this issue!

Let's Knit issue 65Let’s Knit issue 65 – website, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter

I don’t do much knitting these days, especially since crochet took over my entire life, but I do like to pick up the occasional knitting magazine and this is one of them. I have added the Eleanora sweater designed by Pat Menchini to my To Do list as well as the crochet pattern for Suzy Bunny and Percy Chick designed by Liz Ward, but was also inspired by this month’s Unravelled on Louise Walker. I think it’s still in the shops…

Inside Crochet issue 39Inside Crochet issue 39 – website, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter

I love Sara Sinaguglia’s regular column, Hooks & Hedgerows, and this month’s article, Doily Delights is no exception. Added to the To Do List are the Virgina cardigan by Amanda Perkins, Helda Panagary’s precious metal rings and Caitlin Sainio’s lace flower cushion. Also of note is the article on Clone’s lace.

The Simple Things issue 8The Simple Things issue 8 – website, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter

I love this magazine. There is nothing better than returning from a stressful shopping trip and putting my feet up with a cup of tea and reading this wonderful publication from cover to cover. Next to crochet, it’s the only thing that keeps me sane! This issue’s particular inspiring articles include Spring to Life on page 52 and the inside cover print of “Octo Garden” from the “Salt Water” fabric collection by Tula Pink for Coats Crafts UK.

Mollie Makes issue 25Mollie Makes issue 25 – website, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube

This is another of my favourite publications and I actually subscribe to this so I can have it delivered to my house! This issue I love the Bunny Side Up project, tea and a chat with Brittany Watson Jepsen, the needle-felted pig and sheep, Living Inspiration: Kandy Diamond and the cute little bunnies, Cotton Tales. I have been following their blog since I bought my first issue, although I find that now that they have divided it into categories it is a little trickier with Feedly, so I check in on their website regularly. I also love their Pinterest boards…

Simply Crochet issue 3Simply Crochet issue 3 – website, Facebook, Pinterest, Ravelry group, Twitter, YouTube

I’m sure you already know how much I ADORE this magazine. I think it would probably be top of the list of my favourites! Inspiration projects/ideas/articles this month include Sew Lavender on page 14, the bathroom projects, Amigurumi Cutie on page 37, Notebook by Jane Crowfoot (a regular fave), the article on beaded crochet (my Mum gave me the book they featured here for Christmas), Chevron Chic on page 57, Nestled in on page 65 and the infinity blanket on page 73. Oh heck, the whole magazine is a huge inspiration to me every month, so I don’t know why I bother writing anything about it!

Sweet issue 2Sweet issue 2 – website, Facebook

I don’t often buy cooking/baking magazines, but the current issue of Sweet was featured in Mollie Makes so I had to have a look. I wasn’t disappointed. The cover photo inspired me to bake a similar cake:

Rainbow CakeAnd I will be making cake pops this afternoon with the Little Miss. There is plenty to inspire in the magazine though, and it’s not – as I originally assumed – all about baking. There is a pattern for a crochet tea cosy, book reviews and other craft projects, so it really is worth picking it up!

Love Crochet issue 3Love Crochet issue 3 – subscribe online

I have already finished Nicki Trench’s Bag for life and have added several other projects to my ever-growing To Do List. While I do love this publication, I would advise flicking through before purchasing if you have an extensive library of crochet projects, as this seems to be largely book extracts.

Homemade With Love issue 2Homemade With Love issue 2 – links above

I love the felt flower on the front – don’t you?! Again there are several projects across the crafts spectrum that have inspired me in this issue, including the sweet flowers tea cosy designed by Catherine Hirst. I also enjoyed reading about Ms Hirst in the Meet the Maker article on page 102 and I loved the flower girl hoop on page 26. I like the idea of mixed media but to date have not tried it.

Simply Homemade issue 28Simply Homemade issue 28 – website, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter

I absolutely loved this magazine when it first came out, but lately it seems to be churning out the same old crap month after month. That said, though, there is occasionally something in there that catches my eye and this was one of those issues. I really liked the fairies on page 16 and the kitchen accessories on page 22 (I’m thinking of using vintage-style fabrics in stead of the apples though) and just loved the article about Birdy’s dolls on page 36.

Homestyle Sewing Spring 2013Homestyle Sewing Spring 2013 – subscribe online, Facebook

I really like this magazine; it always has some gorgeous sewing projects in it and this issue is no exception. I can barely wait to make a start on the vintage sewing kit, which was the free gift with this issue and just love the owl cosies on page 34 and the vintage eye mask on page 38. I also love their features on new fabric collections – so inspirational!

Sew issue 45Sew issue 45 – website, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter

I don’t usually like this magazine, but this month there were a few projects that caught my eye while I was browsing; namely the floral brooch and the Tilda bunny. I also found the Fabrics in Bloom and the fabric used in the sewing set rather inspirational. I think really that the only thing I don’t like about the magazine is having to download the templates.

Handmade Living issue 23Handmade Living issue 23 – links above

There was so very much to inspire in this month’s issue of Handmade Living that I can’t possibly write about all of it, so I’m only including a few highlights to give you a taster with the encouragement to go and buy a copy yourself! I was rather taken by the Eloise (in lemon) soft furnishing fabric from Voyage Decoration in Glasgow, as well as the painted staircase on page 32. I have fallen in love with the flock of felt sheep and I’m itching to get my hands on some silver clay so I can have a bash at the Shiny happy pieces on page 76. All in all, a very inspiring read!

Handmade Home EditionHandmade: Home Edition – unable to find any links for this one – sorry!

This is the Home Edition of the new magazine, Handmade. There are a lot of inspirational projects and articles, but some of them seem familiar as though I have seen them elsewhere before. If you are considering buying this one, I would advise having a flick through first, especially if you have an extensive craft library, as you may already have the projects in another publication.

Crafty Magazine issue 1Crafty Magazine issue 1 – website, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter

I spotted the first issue of this new magazine while hubby was browsing games and DVDs in Sainsbury’s and decided that it deserved a more detailed browse than can be attained in a supermarket, so I bought it. I was not disappointed. There is news on various crafty things, an article about National Stationery Week and some off-the-hook projects to try your hand at to include the Cabinet of Curiosities. I also enjoyed reading about Jodie Rackley and her Lova Revolutionary blog (which I have been following since I bought her book Happy Stitch last year).

Inside Crochet issue 40Inside Crochet issue 40 – links above

This magazine caught my eye when I saw their tweet about the little knitting sheep – as soon as I saw it I just knew that I would have to buy a copy as soon as it was published! As usual, it was an absolute pleasure to read the magazine and Sara Sinaguglia’s column about dreamcatchers was every bit as inspirational as usual. I also enjoyed the art of photography book extract from The Crafter’s Guide to Taking Great Photos.

Knit Today issue 84Knit Today issue 84 – website, Facebook, Twitter

There are several knitting projects in this magazine that I have added to my To Do List, but the one that really caught my eye is the Cheshire cat bookmark. The article that stood out most was Our 5 favourite yarn bombs – fantastic!

Making Magazine issue 33Making Magazine issue 33 – links above

Where do I begin?! With the Sashiko table linen? The paper flowers? Or the chipped paint cupboard? So many projects, so little time to fit them in.

Inspiring New blogs discovered

I have decided that in stead of sharing every single blog post that inspires me each week, I will only include new blogs that I have discovered since the last Thursday Thoughts post. I will, if I have remembered to write it down, include a link to the blog/website that recommended or mentioned the new blog.

Patchwork Chickens via Attic24

A Journal of Inspiration via @winkieflash at a creative being

Nata’s Nest via Pinterest

The Lazy Hobbyhopper via A Journal of Inspiration

Maria’s Creations via Nata’s Nest

inverleith via Inside Crochet issue 39

Knit and destroy via Mollie Makes issue 25

Parsimonia {Second hand with style} via Sweet issue 2

Jess Quinn via Homemade With Love issue 2


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  1. I’ve stopped buying books and magazines almost completely because they are so expensive. There are so many inspiring blogs that give me too much inspiration already. I fear my brain would just explode if I came across more spendid ideas. 🙂 Furhtermore I think that English magazines are more beautiful than the German ones.

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