WIP Wednesday

WIPWednesdaySorry I’m a bit late with this one; our internet connection has been playing up so I haven’t been able to get online. Anyway, I’m online now, so here are my projects for this week – do you have yours ready?

Well, I say projects, but I really only have one photo to share. A bit boring really, so I completely understand if you don’t want to bother linking up this week.

Springtime Throw

Springtime Throw

As you can probably guess from the title, I am making Nicki Trench’s Springtime Throw from her book, Cute & Easy Crochet. I am using the exact same colours as I used for my Cosy Bed Throw because (you guessed it) it will be going on our bed. We have to keep the small window open in our room to avoid a build-up of damp since I am asthmatic, but hubby and I both feel the cold more than we used to and I can’t sleep if I’m shivering, so I decided to actually follow the pattern for this one. I’m not in a rush to finish it since the weather is starting to warm up now, which is why I haven’t got very far with the squares, but I will keep you posted as to progress.

I have done very little work on the Sea Foam Throw for the sofa this past week, so I didn’t see much point in sharing a photo. However, I am still working on that. I have also been working on Easter gifts for the family. I have completed one, but I don’t want to share photos until they are all finished because I don’t want to spoil the surprise for everyone else (they’re all getting the same thing with a slight variation!).

Now it’s your turn! What are you making at the moment? Do share a link in the comments below and I promise to click on over to have a browse!

I’m linking up with Tami’s Amis and Crochet Addict UK again this week – click on their logos to visit their sites to see what they’re up to. I am also linking up with Frontier Dreams.



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