WIP Wednesday

WIPWednesdayI can hardly believe it has been two weeks since my last post! Doesn’t time fly?! Well, you’d better get your WIPs ready!

I am working on two projects at the moment; still the Sea Foam Throw and the Springtime Throw. Slightly different photos to last time, but the same projects nonetheless.

Where shall we start? With the Springtime Throw, I think.

Completed squares waiting to be joined

Completed squares waiting to be joined

It may not look like I have made much progress, but this is not the only photo I have to share with you for this project. These are just the squares that I have finished and are waiting to be joined. I also have…

Springtime Throw - Waiting for round 3's ends to be sewn in

…Squares waiting for third round ends to be sewn in…

Springtime Throw - Round 2 completed…Squares with only two rounds completed…

Springtime Throw - Round 2 waiting for ends to be sewn in…Squares waiting for second round ends to be sewn in…

Springtime Throw - Round 1…And squares with only one round completed.

I’ll admit it’s a bit of a jumble, but I can assure you that I am keeping track of it all. Don’t ask me how though….

The Sea Foam Throw has a simpler story

Sea Foam ThrowI am still plodding along with this, but with all the dc (US sc) stitches, it takes me nearly an hour to work each colour stripe! I keep falling asleep while I’m doing it!

I also have a secret project that I’m working on. Well, actually, I have finished making it, I’m just working on the tutorial to show you how to do it – so watch this space!

Now it’s your turn – what are you working on at the moment? Do share your link in the comments section below and I promise to come over and have a look.

I’m linking up with Tami’s Amis, Crochet Addict UK and Frontier Dreams again this week, so do click on their links and see what they and everyone else has been up to.



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