Thursday Thoughts for Inspiration

Thursday Thoughts for InspirationFirst, a little introduction. I hope for this to be a regular weekly post, although some weeks I may not be able to post. This is simply a collection of the things that I have found inspiring since the last Thursday Thoughts for Inspiration post, to include books, magazines, websites and blogs. Wherever possible I will include a link to the specific post rather than the whole site/blog and a link to the relevant website for the subscription to the magazine or to purchase the book on Amazon. I will also wherever possible include a link to the Ravelry review. I may or may not include photos from other people’s blogs, and when I do I will credit them for the photo and link back to the post where I found it. I will also try to write a little bit about why I have included a link here, but sometimes words are not necessary.

I would be grateful if you could click on over to the websites and blogs mentioned here and if appropriate leave a comment for them. Thank you.

Now, on with the show….

Inspirational Books

All Sewn Up by Chloe OwensAll Sewn Up by Chloë Owens – Amazon, website, blog, Blogger blog, Facebook, Twitter

I have been promising myself for so long that I would get this book, and now I have I am lost for words! I love Chloë’s use of vivid colours in her folk-arty-style projects and I am left reeling after a flick through. I sincerely don’t know where to start! I have added so many projects from All Sewn Up to my ever-growing To Do List that I fear I will never reach the end of it. To pick just two favourites without first refreshing my memory, I would have to go with the Scandinavian style place mats and the rainy day tea cosy. These are the two that stick in my mind the most, after looking at the book nearly a week ago. Shame on me for not starting to write about it then!

The Crafter's Guide to Taking Great Photos by Heidi AdnumThe Crafter’s Guide to Taking Great Photos by Heidi Adnum – Amazon, website, blog, Pinterest, Twitter

I am totally in awe of this book. It explains some of the jargon and leaves the rest out. I have only just started reading this (and it’s not bedtime reading so it may take me a while) so I will not write a full review until I have worked my way through it. Needless to say, you will hopefully be seeing a vast improvement in my photography skills as I work through this book in conjunction with the one that is specific to my camera (and I don’t mean the user manual!). Of course, I am going to have to practice quite a bit, and find my tripod that seems to have become buried somewhere in our house, but these are small obstacles and I will overcome them.

Inspirational Magazines

PaperCrafter issue 60PaperCraft issue 60 – website, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter

Previously known as Let’s Make Cards, this magazine has undergone a fantastic makeover. I don’t think I have ever been quite so inspired by a paper crafting magazine before. There are informative articles, product reviews and loads of projects, not to mention oodles of inspiration!

Simply Crochet issue 4Simply Crochet issue 4 – website and blog, Facebook, Pinterest, Ravelry group, Twitter, YouTube

I’m not sure why I put this magazine in every time, since you all surely know by now that I love it and it truly inspires me. This month is no exception, with all the living room items to crochet and the beautiful apparel projects…

Stitch issue 82Stitch issue 82 – website

Of all the publications I have featured here this week, this is the one that inspired me the very most. I am quite taken with several articles and projects within the magazine, and the organic needleweaving and needlelace featured on the front cover is the most inspiring of the lot – it has reached the top of my To Do List for when I finish the Sea Foam Throw. If you have never read this magazine and aren’t sure that it is for you, then let me reassure you that it isn’t just about embroidery, despite being published by the Embroiderers’ Guild. It features many types of stitching (although not crochet or knitting to date that I am aware of) and their instructions are always clear, with diagrams where necessary. If you only purchase this one copy, I’m sure you’ll find much to inspire you, even if the projects aren’t to your liking.

Inspirational new blogs discovered

MissNeriss via well, here – she found me!

Made By Maike via Pinterest

BethSteiner via Pinterest

Crinochet via Pinterest

Peggytoes Designs via Craftster

A Morning Cup of Jo via Pinterest

Mingky Tinky Tiger + The Biddle Diddle Dee, aka Podkins’ Tumblr via Pinterest

Marie’s Making via Podkins’ Tumblr

My Backyard Monsters via Podkins’ Tumblr

Mr Micawber’s Recipe for Happiness via Podkins’ Tumblr

By Haafner via Podkins’ Tumblr

Little Red Fox Yarns via Podkins’ Tumblr

The Crochet Project via @TheCrochetProj

Knit Me A Cake via @MollieMakes

Lacy Crochet via Crochet Concupiscence

Not So Granny via Joanne Scrace

Creative Jewish Mom – sorry I can’t remember how I found this one 😦

Sew Craftable – sorry I can’t remember how I found this one either :-((

Knot By Gran’ma via Jess

Rohn Strong Designs via Ysolda Teague

Chez Plum via Rohn Strong Designs

C Giovanni Writes via WordPress

Holly Chayes Designs via WordPress

Excel In English via WordPress

My Other Loves via Dominque


Inspiring Blog Posts

25 Crochet Techniques To Learn

5 Adorable Birthday Crochet Patterns

Making It Work

Crochet Special Collector’s Issue 2013 Fashion Preview

Stuffed or Stuffed – Free amigurumi crochet patterns

Make Your Mother’s Day with Crochet: 10 Free Patterns!

Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2013 – join in here

That’s it for this week. As you can see, I decided to keep the inspiring posts section, although I am a bit behind with my reading at the moment. Hopefully I’ll catch up soon and then there’ll be a bumper post!


2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts for Inspiration

  1. Love this (and not just because you included my blog, 🙂 though I’m glad you like it). I think the idea is fabulous, hope you continue it.

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