More Fabulous Finishes!

I have finished so many projects since I posted last month that I hardly know where to start! Well, I guess the first one is as good as any!

Let’s start with the background, shall we? My Little Miss will be attending her Prom on July 4th. We have had a huge headache in trying to find the right dress, but having finally achieved that, she found she was a little self-conscious with bare shoulders. So I offered to crochet a shawl or wrap for her. We ummed and ahed over several designs until finally agreeing on one from Kristin Omdahl’s book, Crochet So Fine; the Starry Night Wrap. Hubby and I had already picked out a gorgeous shade of King Cole Galaxy DK called amethyst, which would complement her dress, and this seemed the ideal project for that yarn. The pattern uses a laceweight yarn, but using a slightly larger hook, I found that the motifs weren’t too much bigger than in the book. I completed it over a weekend and I am still blocking it (my blocking board is quite small so I have to block the wrap in sections and keep forgetting to move it on a bit!).

Starry Night Wrap

Starry Night Wrap

It’s really rather pretty isn’t it? I can only show a small section of the wrap at the moment because, as already mentioned above I am still blocking it. I can’t wait to see her all dressed up in her purple satin dress with this elegant shawl hooked over her elbows….

Ahem. Anyway. Shortly before making the wrap, I received a strange text message from a close family friend asking me to crochet a chef with the number 40 on the front and 1973 on the back. I phoned her and ascertained that this was for her son’s 40th birthday.  I had already made her two chefs (one from a pattern and one that I designed) and realised that I didn’t have any more chef patterns or ideas to draw from. Then I remembered the personalised dolls I made everyone for Christmas in 2011, so I offered to make a doll of her son dressed as a chef. This seemed to please her, so I set to work. The very next day I received a thank you card in the post with a photo of her son, Kevin in his chef’s whites, which I assume was taken when he started his chef training. I was unable to find any of my notes from 2011 and so I had to start from scratch. Considering I ended up making him in less than a week, I think I did quite well! What do you think?

Kevin the Chef

Kevin the Chef

I am actually quite pleased with how well he turned out, especially considering I had no notes or patterns to refer to!

My last completion is that dratted Sea Foam Rainbow Throw for our sofa. I feel like I have been working on it for years. I have been tripping over it and dropping it while working on other projects for ages now, and now that it is finally completed, I feel there is a space to be filled. (I will be picking up the yarn for a new throw tomorrow, this one is to be a graduation gift for my Big Miss who has now finished university. She doesn’t know anything about it – so don’t tell! )

Sea Foam Rainbow Throw - complete with investigating cat!

Sea Foam Rainbow Throw – complete with investigating cat!

Wilf just couldn’t resist investigating the “new” sofa while I was taking photos! As you can see, our living room is now very colourful!


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