Crochet, afternoon tea and yet more crochet

It’s been rather hectic here at Sting Junkies’ Heaven lately. Having finished the Sea Foam Throw for the sofa, I embarked upon a new project: the Damask Afghan in Unexpected Afghans by Robyn Chachula. This is to be a graduation gift for our eldest who has now finished her fashion promotion degree. I’m not sure whether she reads my blog or not, so I won’t share any photos just in case. I’m sure you understand!

A couple of weeks ago my youngest sister celebrated her 18th birthday. Hubby and I weren’t able to go out for a meal with her when she went, so I decided to prepare a very special treat for her: Afternoon tea! Well, she called it lunch, but it was nearly half past three when she got here last Wednesday so I’m calling it afternoon tea! I got up early that morning and made a fresh loaf of crusty white bread, some jam doughnut muffins and some Chantilly rose cream éclairs. It went down very well indeed! Here are some photos:

Homemade white bread strawberry jam sandwiches and jam doughnut muffins

Homemade white bread strawberry jam sandwiches and jam doughnut muffins

Chantilly rose cream éclairs

Chantilly rose cream éclairs

I had intended to melt some white chocolate, colour it pink and spread some over the top of the éclairs, but as the choux pastry didn’t turn out quite as well as I had hoped, I decided to forego that step. If I make them again (which won’t be any time soon since making choux pastry is hard work on the arms!), I won’t put quite so much rose water in the cream – it was slightly overpowering using the amount prescribed in the recipe.

With all the excitement and exhaustion of afternoon tea last Wednesday, I didn’t get time to write my WIP post. Still, I fully intend to write one this week – especially now that I have finally caught up on my blog reading!

Over the weekend I have been busy crocheting Vicki Brown’s lacy shell socks from issue 6 of Simply Crochet – I just love them!

Lacy Shell Socks

Lacy Shell Socks

I also have another special photo to share with you today: a lucky find in a charity shop

Vintage sheets

Vintage sheets

There are two blue and one red and I just love them. I haven’t decided what to use them for yet, but as soon as I do, you’ll be first to know!

I have finally finished writing up my photo tutorial, so that will be up tomorrow – keep your eyes peeled for something a bit special!

Until then, happy hooking!


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