Monday Musings: New toys

My wonderful husband bought me an Android tablet last week. You might wonder why someone who already has a desktop and an Android smartphone would need a tablet as well, since it seems a little, well, obsessive, over the top… well I’ll tell you if you read on

So I’ve been using Windows Vista and Fedora Linux for some time now, and I seem to have found it a bit of a struggle  to find the motivation to boot into either. It’s not that I’m a technophobe, it’s just that when faced with the choice between an afternoon online and an afternoon with a hook in my hand, I instinctively choose to crochet.
Back in January hubby started to get itchy about replacing his mobile phone (this seems to be an annual to biannual itch). He got himself an Android smartphone and I was itching for the same thing within twenty-four hours. Since he didn’t like the colour of his phone, we agreed that he would purchase the same model in black and I could have the other one. I love my smartphone and would be quite literally lost without it. In addition to now being able to keep up to date with Twitter, I now have developed more than a passing interest in Instagram.
The only drawback with the phone though, is that its internal memory is quite small, so I can only have so many apps installed on it. Therefore, I haven’t been particularly good at keeping up to date with Facebook. This is where the tablet comes in. It has a much larger internal memory and more capability for apps to be installed to the SD card than the phone. This means that I can put all the apps that I only use at home on the tablet (which connects to a wireless hub but has no 3G capabilities) and keep the phone-related apps on the phone. The tablet has a camera, but it’s designed more as a webcam for online communication (it’s the same side as the screen) so I have installed new camera apps, although I have put the photo editing apps on the tablet. I take the photo with the phone (which even has a higher resolution than the tablet’s camera), it is instantly uploaded to Dropbox and then I can download it to the tablet to edit it before uploading it to Instagram.
Since the tablet has a much larger internal memory for installing apps, I can even blog from it – which I’m doing right now! We are just waiting for our leather cases to arrive for them now and we’re away! The only drawback I can find with the tablet is the short battery life (I need to recharge it at least once a day). That really is the only problem!
Of course I will still use my pc; for more complex photo editing and blogging those photos, and obviously for ripping music to put on the phone or tablet, but also because sometimes you want to use the big computer for things you can’t do on a smartphone or tablet. I would be lost if I couldn’t access one of any of my three devices, and really wouldn’t want to know me if I couldn’t use any of them for any substantial amount of time!
And on that note, I’m going to leave you so I can pick up my neglected crochet hook!


6 thoughts on “Monday Musings: New toys

    • We have an anti-apple policy in this household so we don’t buy ipads etc. From what you say about yours though, I would have to say that my tablet sounds better than an ipad! Although I have had it for less than a week now, I would actually be lost without it! Thank you for sharing, Hope 🙂

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