Hey…That’s MINE! | lpcrochet


I was directed to this post by UK Crochet Patterns and I have to say that I agree. The only copyright notice I put on my patterns is that you can’t sell, copy or redistribute the pattern, bur that you can sell as many as you like of what you make using the pattern – after all, no one else will be able to make the utem exactly the way I have, even if they use tgw same hook and yarn as me since no two people crochet exactly the same way.

I am in the process of typing up a few patterns of my own at the moment and there is one set of four related patterns that do have a copyright issue because I didn’t design the characters they are based on. In this particular case, the company that owns the copyright to the original characters doesn’t want anyone else to make money out of their characters.

I can understand why designers get upset when someone backward-works a pattern they (the designer) spent a long time designing and writing and is making money out of their hard work, but to get possessive over items made from a pattern is, well, nonsensical to me. But that’s just me, and I don’t see things the same wat as most people…


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