Thursday Thoughts for Inspiration

Thursday Thoughts for Inspiration

I haven’t done one of these for a while now, and perhaps I should explain why…

My main reason is that seem to be so much busier at the moment than I was a year ago. I can’t think what with, but I never seem to have enough time to do anything. That said, I have had more time to do stuff this week and still missed yesterday’s WIP Wednesday and Wednesday Wool Eater posts. But that was because we had to go shopping, which is a big deal for me since it physically and emotionally drains me. More of that on my other blog.

My other reason for not keeping up with this post is that I have been reading my Bloglovin’ feeds on my tablet, since it is less hassle and it’s easier to share the posts I find interesting or inspiring. I now share these inspiring posts on Google+ and my Facebook page. So with only books and magazines to share on this post, I keep forgetting to write it. I am therefore going to make more of an effort, starting today, to make this a more regular post. Since the posts that inspire me are posted to Google+, I have no excuse for not being able to find them, so they will be included here as well, just to keep the links going! I also plan to make a new badge for this post, as well as a second one for you to publish on your own blogs to say that you were featured here. I can’t promise when they will be ready, only that I will try hard to get it done as soon as possible.

So then, on with the show!

Inspiring Magazines

Simply Crochet issue 7Simply Crochet – issue 7


What’s not to inspire in this month’s issue of my favourite crochet magazine? With beach accessories including sun hat, sunglasses case, bag, towel edging and hair band, mint vest top, shell blanket, amigurumi bears and floral bunting, not to mention Wink‘s new mandala as projects to work on, and Jane Crowfoot’s Notebook article touching on Matisse, there is plenty to keep one occupied, both reading and making! I have fallen in love with Wink’s mandala and the Happy Glamping mint-coloured vest top and can’t wait to start on those!

Inside Crochet issue 43Inside Crochet – issue 43


With projects such as Linda Skuja’s Torquay Jumper, Mary Beth Temple’s Floral Stole, Liz Ward’s Walter the Whale and Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby’s Lacy Layers Skirt to work on, you may not have time to read some of the interesting articles in this month’s Inside Crochet, but do try to find the time to read them. I’m sure you won’t regret it!

Woman's Weekly Knitting & Crochet Special July 2013

Woman’s Weekly Knitting & Crochet Special – July 2013

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Although I don’t buy this weekly magazine for women, I do like to look at their knitting & crochet and craft specials they bring out periodically. This month it’s a knitting & crochet special that has caught my eye with so many fun little toys , a cat doorstop and soft furnishing and some beautiful women’s tops to make. My particular favourite is the corsage, which was put together from patterns in 100 Lace Flowers to Crochet (RavelryAmazon). Whatever you prefer to make, there is something for everyone in here.

Inspiring Blog Posts

As usual, please do click on the photos/links to visit the original post – thanks 😉

Paper granny square napkins

Paper granny square napkins via Annemarie’s Haakblog

One Sheepish Girl - featured in Simply Crochet

One Sheepish Girl – featured in Simply Crochet


Kerstmuis Faith

Kerstmuis Faith via Freubelblog


New free ebook: 8 Crocheted Throws

New free ebook: 8 Crocheted Throws via Stitch & Unwind


Magic Spike Mandala Square - free pattern on Moogly

Magic Spike Mandala Square – free pattern on Moogly


July desktop wallpaper (free download) on Wise Craft

July desktop wallpaper (free download) on Wise Craft


Patchwork throw hand embroidered on Fiddly Fingers

Patchwork throw hand embroidered on Fiddly Fingers

I’m afraid that’s all I have for today. Hopefully I’ll be back again next week with some more inspiring thoughts for you (and even more hopefully, new badges too!)

Do you have any blog posts or photos on Flickr etc that have inspired you or made you think about them more than you would ordinarily? If so, do leave a link in the comments below and I’ll take a look – you might even get a mention next time for putting me on to it!



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