The Spider Web Doily Saga continues

First of all, let me proudly announce that I have now completed all four Spider Web Doilies. I am very proud of myself for finishing them so quickly. However, I had a couple of little hiccups along the way and I have also managed to get hold of some size 20 crochet thread so I will be making another one.

So, the hiccups.

I ran out of thread for the second one.

Spider Web Doily 2 - running out of thread

Spider Web Doily 2 – running out of thread

The spool of thread you can see in the photo is the closest match I could get, since I lost the insert stating the colour code and couldn’t remember what it was. So I had to rip it out and start from scratch with a completely different shade of pink. I think I prefer this one anyway:

Spider Web Doily 2

Spider Web Doily 2

Here is the finished doily.

I also finished the first one:

Spider Web Doily 1

Spider Web Doily 1

Well you can’t really see much difference (apart from the obvious colour change) between the two so I thought I’d better do a better comparison-type photo:

Spider Web Doilies

Spider Web Doilies

Quite a difference, as I’m sure you’ll agree!. I now have my size 20 thread at the ready, but need to find my misplaced 1mm hook before I can start working on the fifth spider web, and I have it on good authority that my LYS has managed to procure a box of size 30 thread. I therefore have another TWO spider web doilies to stitch for the full comparison. I’m going to sign off now and look for that darned 1mm hook!


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