Fabulous Finishes on Friday

Fabulous Finishes on Friday with CrochetAngel500

Hello it’s Friday again! Are you ready to share what you have finished making this week?

I have been very busy this past week and have finished another two doilies from A Dozen Doilies:

Audrey Doily

Audrey Doily

This is Audrey, the reason I purchased the leaflet in the first place (thanks again Pammy Sue!). I like the way the variegated thread makes the doily look as though it has been tie-dyed. I also love the different formation of the petals on the flower shapes. I could happily look at this all day….

Augustina Doily

Augustina Doily

And this is the Augustina doily, hubby’s second choice. This one was a bit difficult to block as the outer rounds wanted to ruffle in stead of lying flat, but that is probably because I used a smaller hook. I will probably try this one again with a larger hook and a solid colour once I have finished working my way through the leaflet.

However, the leaflet is now on hold so that I can finish my Spider Web Doily experiment. I now have the required hooks and have purchased some reading glasses so I can see my stitches clearer. Watch this space!

I am linking up with Tami’s Amis, Crochet Addict UK, Natural Suburbia, The Crochet Boulevard and Craftionary. Click on their respective links to see what people are linking up there.


Now it’s your turn – what have you finished making recently? Do link up and then click on other links to see what everyone else has been up to! ~Please remember to link to your post and NOT your blog’s homepage!~


4 thoughts on “Fabulous Finishes on Friday

  1. This is beautiful! My hubby even looked over my shoulder and said how nice it looked in that variegated yarn you used. It’s my favorite doily I’ve made so far. Love yours! Thanks for the linky! 🙂

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