Fabulous Finishes on… Monday!!


Yes, ordinarily I would wait until Friday to share my finished crochet projects, but I am so excited about these that I just couldn’t wait until then!

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Fabulous Finishes on Friday

I have been meaning to write this post for nearly two months, but what with one thing and another I just haven’t got around to it until now. And now that I am sat here with time to write the post, my mind has gone blank and I can’t think what to say. Oh well. We’ll let the photos do the talking shall we?

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How-to Tuesday – Photo Tutorial: How to crochet a pass cover

Are you fed up with your pass cover falling to pieces every few months and needing to replace it? Me too. There are so many sewing tutorials out there to make your own pass cover (in books, magazines and on blogs and websites) that to sew your own no longer seems like a “fresh” idea. So I decided I would do something a bit different. I have yet to see a crocheted pass cover on the internet, so I thought I might try it from scratch myself. It is surprisingly easy to make, provided you know your basic crochet skills, and I am here to walk you through it with plenty of photos. Are you ready? Then take my hand and we’ll begin…

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Crochet, afternoon tea and yet more crochet

It’s been rather hectic here at Sting Junkies’ Heaven lately. Having finished the Sea Foam Throw for the sofa, I embarked upon a new project: the Damask Afghan in Unexpected Afghans by Robyn Chachula. This is to be a graduation gift for our eldest who has now finished her fashion promotion degree. I’m not sure whether she reads my blog or not, so I won’t share any photos just in case. I’m sure you understand!

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